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Here’s Why You Need to Acquire Real ID to Fly

    Why You Need to Acquire a Real ID to Fly

    What is a Real ID

    A real ID is a means of identifying adults that are of age 18 and above. This identification could be in the form of a driver's license, an identification card issued by the state, a military identification card, a passport or passport card, a state-issued identification card, and military issued identification card.

    • In 2005, during the attack on the U.S., almost all the attackers got their licenses through fraudulent ways or through using fraudulent documents.
    • This made the law to be passed by September 2005, that everyone must own a real ID if they must fly.
    • This law was passed to enhance and tighten security in the country.
    • This way, everybody who leaves or enters the country has a real means of identification and can be traced.
    • This law has not been implemented yet, but by May 2025, the law will be implemented and become effective.
    • So it is advisable for one to get his ID now to avoid any misfortune.

    Checklist to Follow

    These are the things you must own and provide when applying for a real ID, they include:

    • A proof of Identity, a proof of your Date of Birth, and your U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Status
    • Confirm Your Name
    • A proof of Your complete Social Security Number (SSN)
    • Show Proof of Residency
    • Your written Signature
    • Make all Your Documents available


    Steps on How to Get a Real ID

    • Get all your documents ready using the checklist as your guide
    • Complete the online registration and upload your documents. Be sure to save the confirmation code that will be sent to you.
    • Take your document and confirmation code and pay a visit to the DMV office.

    Note that it is very possible to renew your ID card if it has expired.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    If I Already Have a Passport do I Still Need to Get a Real ID?

    If you are traveling internally, you will need only one valid form of identification – You can either choose your REAL ID or any other acceptable option such as your passport, but not both.

    Do Children Need to Get Their Real ID?

    No, children do not need to get a REAL ID to fly. The TSA does not ask children under the age of 18 to show identification when traveling with anybody within the United States. However, individual airlines may wish for ID requirements for children under 18.

    What will Happen When the REAL ID Implementation Date Starts?

    When the implementation date starts nobody will be permitted to leave or enter the country without a true ID.

    Are all States Issuing ID Cards?

    The government of the U.S. is working closely with all the states in the U.S. to make sure that all the states provide their citizens with real ID cards.

    How do I Get my Real ID Card?

    You apply for it through your state’s driver's licensing company and provide all the checkmates as listed above.

    How do I Know if my Current ID Card is in Accordance with Real ID Compliance?

    Your card will have some sort of star-like representation on them. If you are issued a card that doesn't have this star-like representation then complain immediately, because if taken to any airline, you might get arrested for engaging in fraudulent practices.


    What Happens if I Travel Without my Real ID Card

    Anybody who is without a means of identification will not be allowed to enter or leave the country.

    If I Have my Real ID, do I Still Need a Passport?

    If you will need to travel internationally, then you need to get a passport, as you can not leave the borders of the U.S. without the use of a passport.

    If I Have a Temporary Protected Status, Can I be Issued a vValid ID

    Yes, you can be issued if you apply for it, the duration of the validity depends on how long you plan on staying or residing there.

    What do I do Now that my Card is Expiring?

    If you are one of those people whose cards are about to expire and you don't know what to do, worry no more for there is good news, you can apply for the renewal of your card instead of going through the whole stress of getting another.

    When renewing, do I need to re-submit the documents I submitted when I was working on getting a new one?
    except for those that are temporary citizens or have a temporary license, you do not need to resubmit any old document.

    If a person’s Social Security Administration account card is not available, can the person use other documents to verify an individual’s Social Security Number SSN?
    Yes the person can use any of the following documents

    • A pay stub that has the individual's SSN and name.
    • A w-2 form
    • SSA 1099 form.

    Can I Use my Real ID to Travel by Sea?

    Traveling by sea is a form of international travel, as such will require that you get your passport even while still owning the ID compliant

    I Have a Government-issued Driver's License. Will that be Accepted?

    A government-issued driver's license can pass for a real ID compliance, so you can let your mind be at rest now.

    The DMV office is taking longer than expected to call me, Is there a problem?
    There is no problem at all, it could be due to a lot of applications on their table and that is making them take longer. However, if you feel the need to reach out to them you can do so.


    To avoid the embarrassment of being stopped from going for that very important trip because you didn't get your ID complaint done, I'll suggest you do that now following the steps listed in this article. Remember that a stitch in time saves nine.