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20 Amazing and Fun Things to do in Maui

    20 Amazing and Fun Things to do in Maui

    Apart from being renowned as Hawaii's second biggest island, Maui has been widely embraced by quite a large number of tourists in recent years due to it's beautiful beaches, picturesque hiking routes and lots of fun and adventurous activities visitors can indulge in.


    This article points out 20 fun activities that always make their way into the bucket list of every Maui visitor.

    1. Whale Watching
    One of Maui's top attractions is spotting huge humpback whales in the ocean during guided whale watching boat tours which normally last anywhere from one to three hours.

    2. Attend A Luau
    It would be an incomplete experience to come all the way down to Maui without attending a Luau. This ceremony usually features music and an all you can eat buffet.

    3. Visit the Seven Sacred Pools of Ohe'o Gulch for the waterfalls, pools, heights and popular hiking trails. Entry is between $15-$30 for three days.

    4. Swim with the sea Turtles in Maui's Olowalu reef.

    5. Visit the Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach and relax on the beautiful jet black sandy shores while taking the perfect picture for your Instagram.

    6. Go snorkeling in the Molokini crater which composes of coral reefs and beautiful colored fish.

    7. Go on a Road Trip To Hana
    The 53 mile scenic drive along the Road To Hana which is full of curves offers views of waterfalls and beautiful beaches which make for amazing stops and detours along the way.

    8. Learn How To Hula
    Hula is a Hawaiian dance which is made up of different moves & styles and usually is accompanied by chants, guitar or ukuleles.

    9. Touring Maui in a Helicopter affords a breathtaking view that no traveler can easily refuse. Flying over the Hana rainforest and black sand beaches come highly recommended.

    10. Go on a goat milking tour in an actual goat dairy farm and also get a taste of a yummy treat like goat cheese truffle.

    11. Rappel Down A Waterfall
    This fun and ideal activity for an adrenaline rush is exclusive to Rappel Maui where visitors slide down a waterfall by means of ropes.


    12. Pass a Night In a Yurt
    Yurts are small cosy shelters in the form of tents which are available in most resorts in Maui.

    13. Take a trip to the Nakalele Blow Hole which is an amazing and awe-inspiring sight that gives you chills watching the tides and surf spray come together.

    14. Descend from the summit of the Haleakala volcano on a bicycle.

    15. Go Surfing with a Surfing Group

    Surfing also happens to be the official sport of Maui. Afterwards, you get to relax in surf towns like Paia while dining on fresh fish.

    16. Take a walk through the lavender fields of the Alli Kula Lavender Farm.

    17. Join a wine tasting tour to Tedeschi Winery where get to enjoy different kinds of wine you've never tasted before like their famous pineapple wine.

    18. Enjoy a tasty and tender oven-cooked Kalua pork.

    19. Dine on some exclusive Maui delicacies and treats like Loco Moco, Coconut candy, Poke, Manapua buns, fresh fish tacos, Spam Musubi, banana bread, shave pies, coconut cream pie, Olowalu Lime and pineapple Mac nut.

    20. Go hiking in a large and impressive bamboo forest.


    From swimming to hiking to giving your taste buds a treat and sightseeing, there's a lot of never seen sights and exclusive activities to keep you both occupied and entertained throughout your stay in Maui.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What are some things you can do in Maui for free?

    Some activities you can engage in Maui without spending money include; lounging on Wailea beach, hiking through the Kapalua coastal trail and exploring the Lahaina Banyan Court.

    What is famous in Maui?

    Apart from the black sand beach, one of the most famous sights to behold in Maui is the Seven Sacred Pools.