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These are the Best Colleges in Canada You Can Consider

    Best Colleges in Canada You Can Consider

    In this article, I will be sharing with you the best colleges in canada for both citizens and non citizens. These colleges also has a higher rate of admission acceptance. So there is a good chance of getting admission when you apply for
    this colleges.


    Other Great Things About This Colleges 

    • They are in the best provinces in canada
    • They offer post graduation work premit eligible programs: which means that after graduation you are eligible to get three years of work premit depending on the program you apply for.
    • They offer admission in three to four weeks unlike some other universities that takes like two to three weeks to roll out admission.
    • Possibility of getting  high paying jobs: After graduation you are guaranteed to get a high paying job because of the high rating quality that thess colleges have, and the high acceptance rate that they have.
    • Possibility of getting PR after working for one year: You will be able to apply for your permanent residency within one year of graduation.

    Best Colleges in Canada

    Here is the list of top/best colleges in canada with post secondary diploma and graduate
    certification (post graduate diploma) programs.

    Humber College

    They have an acceptance rate of more than 90 percent. They offer a lot of programs like,

    • 3D modeling and visual effect product
    • Accounting bachelor or commerce
    • Accounting
    • Business administration
    • Acting for film and television.
    • And more programs are available.

    You can get more information by visiting the humber college website by searching online for other programs that might interest you, then find the right program for yourself. You can also apply for scholarship here.

    Centennial College

    This college is located in Ontario.This is a beautiful college which you can apply to study. They offer various types of programs example:

    • Academic and career entrance (ACE)
    • Addition and mental health worker.
    • Advertising creative and digital strategies
    • Advertising media management etc.

    There are other great programs available in the college for both immigrants and nonimmigrants. More details is a available on the college website.

    Centennial Media Platform

    They also offer a full time program, part-time programs, online learning, specific area of study, micro-credential, international-eligible programs. You can apply fot scholarship too.

    Mohawk College

    The applied arts and technology college is located in Hamilton,Ontario in canada They offer lots of programs which are categorised under the following;

    • Full-time program
    • Graduate and professional stidies
    • Degrees
    • Online programs
    • Cooperative Education
    • Skilled trades and apprenticeship
    • Micro-credentials
    • Experiential learning

    There are 169 full time programs available in this college. You can find financial assistant and more information on their official website.

    Seneca College

    Located in Ontario. You can learn more about this college by going through their website. This college offers 260+ programs under Advanced diploma, Diploma, Certificate, Graduate certificate and Bachelor's Degree.

    Conestoga College

    This public college is located in Kitchener, Ontario. Conestoga has one, two, three or four years programs with also an apprenticeship training programs. Conestoga college has a variety of degree programs, diploma programs and other programs taught by highly educated professors.

    Fanshawe College

    This is a public college in southwestern Ontario in canada. Fanshawe college offers more than 200 degree diploma, certificate and apprenticeship programs.

    Fanshawe college offers international students the services they need from arrival through till their graduation. You can reach out to them through their website and get more more
    information about the college.

    Lambton College

    This is a public college in sarnia, Ontario, Canada. This college has more than 70 post-secondary programs and  apprenticeships, academic upgrading, postgraduate, part-time and training programs.

    How to Choose the Best Colleges in Canada

    Here are the five easy steps you can follow to make a perfect choice when it comes to colleges in Canada.


    Step 1: What is your personal goal and purpose in Canada?

    It is important for you to think about your short, medium and long term goal in canada

    Are you interested in gaining work experience or  you want to get better income? You should know that studying in a  college will allow you to get a work permit. Be sure to chose a college that provides this option seamlessly if you are not a citizen of Canada. Also know that some colleges in canada is more convenient than others.

    Step 2: Seek help from an Educational advisor

    which might be a counselor, a mentor or anyone who works with international students. To advise you on where to study and can help you with other issues that can affects can affect you in future such as;

    • How to continue your studies in Canada and move forward in the development of your professional career. This will help you evaluate the possibility to enter in a specific academic program that will improve your professional profile.
    • How to get a job that will keep you financially stable while studying in canada (combining your studies with a part-time job).
    • How to meet the requirements to extend your stay in canada and have greater opportunities to permanently migrate to the country.

    Step 3: Ensure that the college you choose is certified by the Canadian government, i.e public colleges.

    As an international student your student visa is been on the fact that you are in a study program of certain characteristics in an institution approved by the Canadian government. Be sure that the college you choose is valid for your visa.

    Step 4: Check out if the choosen college allows you to apply for the post-graduation work permit.

    Do you wish to apply for post-graduation work permit? If yes, then it is important to note that not all colleges in canada allow international students to get access to a post-graduation work permit. Note that with post graduation work permit you can extend your stay in the country to work according to the duration of the program you want to study.

    Step 5: Take other international students opinions of the type of college to  choose due to experience.

    Therefore, knowing other student's experience about a college can help you decide if is an institution that interest you or not.

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Is Canada Cheap to Study?

    Yes. Canada is one of the affordable destination for quality college education for both citizens and non citizens.

    What is Canada's Version of Harvard?

    McGill University is regarded as Canada's Harvard because of its outstanding beauty and neatness.


    This article have outlined the best colleges in Canada every student who wishes to study in Canada can enroll in. Your choice of institution might differ based on your Program of interest. Carefully go through this article as it will guide you in making a clearer decision.