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20 Exotic and Best Black Sand Beaches

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20 Exotic and Best Black Sand Beaches


Formed over time by the action of environmental factors such as erosion on the residue of volcanic materials from many years back, black sand beaches are surreal locations that will leave you begging for more of the beauty that nature has to offer.

The 20 most exotic such locations of black sand beaches include;

1. Papenoo Beach, Tahiti
This happens to be one of the most gorgeous among black sand beaches in the world. It is one of the hottest attractions for tourists flooding to this French Polynesian paradise.


2. Pina Beach, New Zealand
This jet black sand beach has been reckoned among the most famous surfing beaches in the region and overlooks the Piha canyon as well as waterfalls located in the beautiful native forest close by. It is also a perfect destination for sunset lovers.

3. Paiola Beach, Maui, Hawaii
Located on Maui's East Coast, this remarkable black sand beach features ocean caves, cliffs and spectacular lava remains. The currents here are too strong which means you get to only let the waves wash over your feet as swimming here isn't allowed.

4. Anse Chastanet Beach, St Lucia
This black sand beauty has all the beautiful views you desire. From clear blue waters to beautiful palm trees and a view of the mountains. A perfect destination for snorkeling and hiking.

5. Diamond Beach, Iceland
Iceland boasts of a number of black sand beaches and Diamond beach happens to be one of those. It gets the name from the bits of ice scattered along the beach which create a glow on the surface of the black sand resembling diamonds. It is a perfect site for spotting seals which enjoy the cold climate on the beach.

6. Kamari Beach, Santorini, Greece
Made of black sharp sand contrasting the deep blue waters, this spot is ideal for swimming in the warm water or enjoying a meal in a romantic setting on the restaurants and cafes close to the beach.


7. Black Sand Beach, California
Hidden in the midst of green hills, this beach is the perfect to hike through the Lost Coast Trails or pick pebbles which have been washed ashore by the waves.

8. Playa Jardin, Canary Islands
Tourists do not only flock here to witness the beauty of the black sand beach firsthand, but also get the chance to go surfing and swimming but also immerse yourself into nature with the view of beautiful wildflowers, the noise of myriads of birds chirping amidst the sound of waves crashing while watching the thousand rock towers in the distance.

9. Black Sand Beach, Reynisfiara, Iceland
This jet black basalt sand beach though not perfect for swimming is just the place you need to watch waves and spot the three cliffs of Reynisdrangar.

10. Miho no Matsubara, Japan
Gives you a surreal view of Mount Fiji, a relaxing swim in calm silvery water and a moment of pure bliss while watching the moon come up over the water at night.

11. Punalu'u Beach, Hawaii
The black sand beach offers you the site for seeing endangered species of sea Turtles enjoying the sun on the sand as well as swimming and snorkeling among other things.

12. Pointe Venus Beach, Papeete, Tahiti
Located in Papeete, this black sand beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, collecting pearls and watching sunsets.

13. Perissa Beach, Greece
Features a very sharp grey-toned sand and crystal clear water so clear that you can spot the fish in the water and is a perfect spot to have lunch.

14. Karekare Beach, New Zealand
A quiet location to get away and watch waterfalls or listen to the sound of the waves.

15. Lovina Beach, Bali
Overlooking a deep blue sea, the beach is a great destination for snorkeling or lounging round under the sun.

16. Santo Domingo Beach, Philippines
A soft black sand beach that is surrounded by beautiful greenery serves as a great place to relax on the beachfront or just take a walk.

17. Number One Beach, Dominica
Not only does this beach have black sand and beautiful rows of palm trees along the shoreline, it is the very destination where the pirates of the Caribbean movie was shot and judging from the movie, it is a perfect piece of Heaven.

18. Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Indonesia
Take a walk through the thick rainforests to locate this beautiful and remote wonder of nature.

19. Benijo Beach, Canary Islands
This remote black sand beach is just what you need for a wild and private swimming experience for starters.

20. Black Bay, Grenada
After a 20 minute hike through a forest teeming with wildlife and creeks, you come face to face with one of the best black sand beaches an adventurer could ever desire.

Black Sand beaches are perfect destinations for all types of tourists. It's finally time to leave the white sand beaches for something more unusual and exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Most Famous Black Sand Beach?

The most famous and highly visited black sand beach is Punalu'u Black Sand Beach in Hawaii.

Where are the Most Black Sand Beaches?

Due to higher rate of volcanic activity, you're likely to find more black sand beaches in Hawaii, Santorini and Iceland.