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How to Utilize the Canada Immigration Express Entry

    Canada Immigration Express Entry

    Express Entry is a computerized method of handling applications from skilled professionals and workers who are seeking to immigrate to Canada permanently. The federal government decides if a candidate is qualified for a program run by Express Entry after the individual provides an online profile.


    Canada express entry in itself, is not an immigration program, it is specifically an internet system designed to scrutinize the intake of immigration applications into Canada. Canada invites great and hardworking people who are immigration applicants to apply for permanent residence every two weeks. Everyone is entitled to at least one express entry program.

    How is Canada Immigration Express Entry Calculated

    Some criteria are used in scoring applicants.
    Different points are allocated to each factor. After you fill out the form your points and summed up to see if you are qualified to apply for the permanent residence

    The following are the criteria or factors that are used in the judgement;


    Between the ages of sixteen to forty-six, individuals within this age range are expected to fill in their ages and gain points. A maximum of 12 points are allocated to individuals in the age factor depending on their age. People beyond 46 years do not gain any points.

    Academic Qualifications

    Points are also allocated to applicants based on their academic qualifications, that is, the higher the academic qualification, the more points the applicants gain. A maximum of 25 points are allocated to individuals under this factor.

    Work Experience

    A maximum of 15 points are allocated to applicants based on their work experience. The more work experience they have, the more points they gain, and the less work experience they have, the fewer points they gain.

    Language Ability

    Language ability contributes twenty-eight points to an applicant’s points. Twenty-four points out of the twenty-eight points are based on the applicant’s fluency in English and the remaining four points are based on their fluency in French. The marks are given to them after they have taken an English and French test.


    An applicant gains additional ten points based on their ability to adapt. Points here are also based on if the applicant's spouse has been to Canada before, lives in Canada, or works in Canada.

    Arranged Employment

    You gain more points if you already have a job arranged for you in Canada.

    Best Site to Help Calculate Canada Immigration Express Entry

    The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool is the calculator used in giving scores based on the answers you provided. The score provided then tells if you are qualified to apply for residence in Canada or not.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know the score given to me based on my age, language ability, working experience, adaptability, and academic qualification?

    The details below show the list of factors and the points allocated to them.

    Age eighteen to thirty-five carry twelve points, thirty six years carries eleven points, thirty seven points carries ten points, thirty eight years carries nine points, thirty nine years carries eight points, forty years carries seven points, forty one years carries six points, forty two years carries five points, forty three years carries four points, forty four carries 3 points, forty five carries two points, forty six years carries one point, forty seven years has no point


    Academic Qualifications

    Twenty five points is allocated to Ph.D, twenty three is allocated to masters degree, twenty two is allocated to bachelors degree plus one year diploma, twenty one points to bachelors degree, nineteen years to two years diploma, fifteen to one year diploma and five points to first school leaving certificate.

    Working Experience
    Six years working experience is given fifteen points, four to five years is given thirteen points, two to there working years is given eleven points and one year is given nine points.

    The following are the criteria and points allocated to them;

    • Your spouse or partner’s language level-05 points
    • Your past two years studies in Canada-05 points
    • Your spouse past two years studies in Canada – 05 points
    • Your past one year work in Canada – 10 points
    • Your spouse or common-law partner -10 point
    • year pass work in Canada – 05 points
      Your Relatives in Canada – 05 points
    • You have an Arranged employment in Canada – 05 points

    Arranged Employment
    if you have a letter showing one full year employment, you automatically gain ten points.

    What Are The Steps Involved In The Application Into This Express Entry?

    • The first step is to know if you are eligible to apply.
    • The second step is to get your documents such as letter showing arranged job, language test result ready.
    • The third step is to submit your profile.
    • And the last step is to wait to be called so you can apply for the residence.

    What Is The Most Important Point To Consider And What Point Gives The Greatest Point?

    The factor that gives the greatest point is the academic qualification, but the most important factor is the age factor. This is because if you are not qualified(between age eighteen to thirty five) then you are already disqualified.

    How Long Does it Take Through Express Entry To Immigrate to Canada and Become a Permanent Citizen

    Canada Immigration express entry is a fast way to apply for immigration. Everything takes six months and before you know it, you are already a Canadian citizen.

    I’m Married With Kids, Should I Apply With My Whole Family?

    It is better to apply on your own, but if you must apply for your whole family, then you must present enough documents that show and prove that they are your family.

    If My Entry Is Not Successful, Will My Payment Fee Be Refunded?

    You may be refunded your processing fee and any other fee you made payment for.

    Can I Still Immigrate To Canada If I'm Not Successful With The Express Entry Application?

    There are other ways you can enter Canada apart from the express entry pathway.


    Immigrating to Canada has been made easy as many pathways have been created for that reason. This article provides easy steps on how to apply for permanent residence through Express entry, all you need do is follow the steps above.