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How Long Does it Take for Approval After Applying for Canada Visitor Visa

    How Long Does it Take for Approval After Applying for Canada Visitor Visa

    The visitor visa for Canada is also known as the tourist visa for Canada. Citizens of visa requiring countries must get a visitor visa to travel to and enter Canada as a tourist for up to 6 months, this visitor visa is often known as a temporary resident visa. The visitor visa is mostly added into the passport of the applicant. It shows that you are eligible to enter Canada.


    If you have been given a visitor visa to Canada and have been accessed by the authorities not to have any criminal intentions, you will be allowed to cross the port of entry and begin your holiday or family stay there.

    Processing Time for a Canadian Visitor Visa

    Canadian visitors' visas or tourist visas are normally processed in around 12 days on average. The processing period begins when the IRCC gets your entire application and it ends when they make a decision.

    The processing time for different individuals varies based on the following;

    • The completion of the application.
    • How quickly the already received applications are processed.
    • The speed with which information about the applicants could be verified.
    • How long it will take the applicant to respond to other requests from the authorities

    Other Factors Influencing the  Processing Time

    Factors that could affect the processing time of Canadian Visitor Visa. The following are a few of the factors that could affect the processing time of the Canadian Visitor Visa.

    Application Location

    You can use an IRCC tool to estimate the time it will take to process your work permit. Depending on the applicant's country of residency and the location of the application, the IRCC may change the processing periods for visitor visas.

    Application Completeness

    Always make sure that your application is entirely complete, including all required documentation and answers to IRCC questions. This is why it is usually quite helpful to hire an immigration lawyer for a Canadian Visitors visa application in order to prevent delays and refusal.

    Number of Other Applications Available

    Depending on how many applications are received by Canadian authorities, the visitor visa application may be processed either much slower or much faster than expected. Your application may be processed faster than the average 12-day processing time if they have received fewer application entries lately.


    Factors that Could Lead to Denial of Canadian Visitor Visa Application

    • You failed to provide affidavits to back up your application.
    • You should have friends or family members swear affidavits to add with your TRV visitor visa application if they can substantiate your claims of links to your native country.
    • An affidavit is regarded as legal proof. As there are legal repercussions for signing a false affidavit, which makes it far more convincing proof to your immigration officer than support letters, an affidavit is more effective than a simple support letter.
    • Your invitation letter lacked enough details
      It is often advisable to get an invitation letter from your family (or friends) in Canada to support your TRV visitor visa application. The letter should include the reason for your trip to Canada as well as evidence that you will receive food and housing there.
    • The invitation letter shouldn't be too brief; it should be thorough and must explicitly mention that you will receive free food and housing from this person for the duration of your visit to Canada.
    • The person's name, birthdate, and the dates they came to Canada should all be included in the letter. If this isn't done, then the application could be declined.
    • You failed to provide proof of all your links to your native country to prove your intention to return there.
    • Many people applying for guest visas fail to take into account all of their links to their native country and the supporting documentation.
    • Properties and jobs are examples of things that have a link to your country. Detailed employment letters or contracts that recognize you as an employee of your employer on a permanent basis, your role at the company, specifies the duration of your employment, and the anticipated return date should be included with your TRV application along with copies of title deeds or lease agreements to properties that have been translated by a certified translator. If this is not done, you may not be given the visitor visa form.

    Getting these requirements documented is often proud difficult, which is why it is always advisable to get an affidavit attached

    You Only Provided the Documents Listed in the IRCC Checklist.

    The following documents, which may differ based on your location and other factors, are often requested by IRCC for a regular tourist visa (TRV):

    • Fees
    • Forms
    • Photos
    • passport
    • Proof of financial stability

    A photocopy of your travel itinerary along with any other documentation the local visa office may demand.

    Submitting just these documents is usually not enough to prove your intention to return home following your vacation. Which is why it is a good idea to submit more documentation than what the IRCC requires. Submit more documents proving you satisfy the requirements to be eligible for a TRV.

    • Give evidence that you'll leave Canada when your stipulated time expires.
    • Show that you have the resources to support yourself and your family and to return home.
    • Show that you won't work or study or do anything else without obtaining permission to do so.
    • Prove you do not have a criminal record.
    • Prove that you are perfectly healthy and will not pose any threat to the health of the Canadian citizens.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is IRCC?

    Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada help immigrants enter Canada, protects refugees, and provide services to assist newcomers in settling down. Also, it offers citizenship and supplies Canadians with travel documents like passports.

    How Long Does it Take to Get a Canadian Visitor Visa Outside Canada?

    It takes about 27 days to get the Canadian visitor visa processed, this time duration takes into consideration all the above-listed conditions.


    Getting a Canadian visitor visa is easy if all the conditions have been met, this article provides a list of all the conditions that need to be met after which you can sit back and rest easy while your application is being processed.