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What Are The Requirements To Become a Canadian Citizen

    Canadian Requirements to Become a Canadian Citizen

    Becoming a citizen of Canada is not as difficult as it has been painted to be. There are three ways one can become a Canadian citizen;

    1. By Birth
    2. By Marriage
    3. By Naturalisation

    A person can become a citizen of Canada just by being born in the country. If the parents of a child are Canadian citizens, as soon as the baby is born, he or she is automatically a Canadian citizen. However, if the parents of a child are not citizens of Canada but reside in Canada and during the period of their stay in Canada gave birth, the child automatically becomes a Canadian citizen and has every right accorded to every other person who is a citizen in that country.

    A person can also become a Canadian citizen by marriage. Once a marriage takes place between a Canadian citizen and a non-Canandian citizen, the person automatically receives Canadian citizenship status.

    The third way a person can become a citizen of Canada is by Naturalization. The legal act or procedure by which a person who is not a citizen of a country gets citizenship or nationality of that country permanently (in this case Canada) is known as naturalization (or naturalisation).

    The person acquires Citizenship status after meeting all the requirements. Below are the lists of requirements that must be fulfilled if one must be granted a Canadian citizenship status

    Requirements For Getting a Canadian Citizenship

    You Must Be Above Eighteen

    Before anyone should consider applying for Canadian citizenship, the person must at least be eighteen years of age and above, this is because eighteen years is the legally accepted age of an adult, and someone at the age of eighteen is believed to behave maturely and make decisions on their own. The only instance where a minor (under eighteen) can apply for citizenship status is if they are being applied for by parents or other relatives.

    You Must Have Lived in Canada for at Least Five Years

    The second requirement to be able to apply for Canadian citizenship is that you must have been a permanent resident for at least five years, this is to enable you to understand the way things are done, familiarise yourself with the rules guiding the day to day activities, and get acquainted with customs guiding the people living there.

    However, there is a little clause attached to these requirements. A person who has been a resident for three years is eligible to apply for citizenship only if they are married to Canadian citizens.

    Speak Fluently in English or French

    A person must be able to pass the Canadian Language Benchmark before they can apply for citizenship. Anyone intending to live, school, or work in Canada must be able to speak fluently in English or French properly as they are the languages used for communication in Canada.

    Minimum of First School Leaving Certificate
    One of the requirements to be eligible to apply for permanent citizenship status in Canada is that you must be at least a first school leaving certificate holder, that is you must have attended a secondary school.

    Less Travel

    Another requirement is that you must not be someone who travels out of the country often or for more than 6 months.


    Pass a Citizenship Test

    When applying for Canadian citizenship, you will be given a test to test your knowledge level about the country and all it stands for, and your rights and responsibilities, you must be able to pass the test to get Canadian citizenship status.

    Other Requirements Include
    Must fulfill Canada’s physical presence requirements and also file taxes regularly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Time Duration for Processing Citizenship Application?

    The time duration is twenty-four months
    That is two years. This is the time taken to process the application, take the test, run the interview, and the ceremony.

    If as a Citizen of a Country I Apply For & Get a Canadian Citizenship, Will I Lose The Citizenship of the Other Country?

    You can have dual citizenship, that is, become a citizen of Canada and still keep your citizenship status in another country. However, some countries don't permit you to keep both.

    How Much Does it Cost to Apply For Canada Citizenship?

    Without representation, the fee for an adult to apply for Canadian citizenship is $630. If the applicant is a juvenile and under the age of 18 at the time the application is submitted, the fee is $100

    Who is Eligible to Apply For Citizenship in Canada?

    Anybody that meets the requirements listed above is fit to apply for citizenship.

    What are the Things that May Stop You From Getting a Canadian Citizenship?

    Your application for Canadian citizenship may not be approved;

    • If you are in police custody or serving a sentence outside Canada.
    • If you have been charged with, or you are under trial or trying to appeal for an offense.
    • If you have been asked by Canadian officials to leave the country.
    • If you have a high criminal record.

    What Happens if my Application for Canadian Citizenship is Not Approved?

    If your citizenship application is not approved, you can apply again. But this time around make sure you meet all the requirements.

    If Canadian Parents Give Birth to a Child Outside Canada, is the Child Canadian?

    The child can be Canadian if one parent of the child was born Canadian or became a Canadian citizen before the child was born.

    After Getting my Citizenship STATUS, Can I Lose it?

    Unlike other countries, You can not lose your Canadian citizenship except by having it revoked( that is if you got it by naturalization) or renouncing it (if you got it by birth)


    Have you been admiring the beautiful country of Canada with all its amazing sites and wishing you were born there? Well, you don't only have to be born in Canada to be a citizen, you could apply for it. Applying for Canadian citizenship has been made easy with all the requirements broken down for easy understanding.