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When to Renew Your Canadian Passport

    Renewal of Canadian Passport

    After getting your Passport, it's important you check how long the passport is valid for. A Canadian passport is issued to citizens of Canada to help them enter, leave and re-enter the country. These passports, for people under the age of five are always valid for 5 years, and for people of age sixteen above after which such passports can not be used and would have to be renewed. Renewing your passport is more simpler than getting new passports.


    When to Renew Your Canadian Passport

    You should renew your passport if you fall under any of the groups listed below:

    • If you have been using one passport in the last fifteen years;
    • If your existing passport expires in the next six months;
    • If the pages in your passport are filled;
    • If you are about to renew your visa or residence.
    • If the passport issued was an adult passport.
    • If it includes the exact name, date and place of birth that you wish to appear on your new passport.
    • Your gender as was indicated on the previous passport which you want to reflect in the new passport

    Requirements to Renew Your Canadian Passport

    To renew your passport, you must prove that you need a renewed passport. The following could pass as proofs:

    • A ticket for a bus, rail, or airline you used;
    • A trip itinerary with payment documentation of yours.
    • Evidence of a family member's illness or death that necessitates your journey or any reason at all for your travelling.
    • A documented justification for your requirement for the passport from you or another party.
    • With each passport application, you must provide two identical images that have not been changed, on the back of each passport, the photographer's name must be written.
    •  Your passport's issuance date.
    • The expiration date of your existing passport.
    • Its boarding pass number or passport number
    • Assuming it's still valid, your recent passport, which will have to be cancelled and can no longer be used for travelling.
    • Birth certificate or original document of certificate of citizenship that shows you are a citizen of Canada

    Steps to Renew Your Passport

    There are steps to follow to renew your passport. These steps have been broken into five for easy understanding.

    1. Complete the filling of the application form.
    2. Get your two photo passports and include your old Canadian passport.
    3. Provide references of at least two people who have known you in the last three years and can testify about you. Note that this references should not necessarily be your family members.
    4. Submit your application form together with the references, passport photographs and old passport.
    5. Pay the Renewal fee. Then get your renewed passport.

    Conditions That do not Permit You to Apply for Renewal of Passport

    Do not apply for renewal of Canadian passport if:

    • You own a child passport that was issued to you while you were younger than 16 years of age at the time.
    • A child passport can not be renewed.
    • If your child's passport has expired and you are at least 16 years old which can be considered legal age, you require an adult passport.
    • You wish to alter any of the following on your new passport: your name, date of birth, place of birth, or gender designation
      You must apply for a new adult passport in these circumstances.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How Much Will it Cost to Renew my Passport?

    The government approved fee is one hundred and twenty dollars.

    How Long will my Renewed Passport be Valid for?

    Your renewed passport will remain valid for the next five years.


    How Long Does it Take After Applying Before Getting my New Passport?

    For renewals or reissues, the typical processing period for passports is three weeks.

    Is it Quicker to Renew a Passport in Canada in Person or Applying by Mail?

    The Average time, according to service Canada, for normal passport renewal applications filed in Canada is 20 business days whether submitted by mail or in person at a Service Center as opposed to 10 business days when submitted in person at a passport office. This shows that whether applying in person or through mail, it is faster submitting the application in a passport office.

    Will my Old Passport be Given Back to me When I Apply for Renewals of Canada Passport?

    Yes, unless the U.S. Department of State deems it to be damaged, your previous Canada passport will be returned. You must advise if any valid visas are still in the passport before filing for its renewal because the passport will plainly show that it is no longer valid.

    Why is the Processing of Renewal my Canadian Passport Taking so Long?

    This may be due to high volumes of application forms that are awaiting processing. However, if it takes too long you can contact the service providers.

    Can I Get a New Passport Instead of Renewing the Old One?

    You can get a new passport if you don't want to renew your old passport. However, it is faster and less costly to renew the old passport as you do not need to appear before Canadian immigration office agents or pay the full fee.

    What Happens if I Misplace my Canadian Passport or it Gets Stolen?

    In the event that your passport was stolen or lost while it was still valid, you should inform Canada service provider right away. Even if a lost or stolen passport is later restored or discovered, it is no longer valid once it has been reported. It can't be used for travel. This is done to prevent its usage for fraudulent activities.


    In situations where your passport is expired or no longer valid, you can no longer use it to either enter the country (in this case Canada) or leave the country, which is why you must renew your passport after it expires. It is most advisable to renew your passport few months before it becomes outdated so as not to be taken unawares. This article will guide you step by step on how to do that easily with less stress.