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How Much are Disneyland Tickets

    How Much are Disneyland Tickets

    Disneyland tickets prices are getting more and more expensive than some other amusement parks. Disneyland now operates on a tiered price system whereby if you visit on a less crowded day, you can expect to pay a less expensive ticket prices.


    Meanwhile, you will pay higher prices to a obtain a ticket when visiting on a more in-demand day or during a more busier season.

    They operate on a tiered price system based on population and crowds. For a day, one park ticket will cost about $104 which is the cheapest ticket for adults and for children of ages 10 and above.

    With new price changes at the amusement park, the highest pay price for a day, one park tickets cost $179 for adults. The same ticket had cost $164 few weeks ago.

    How much will a family of four pay to visit Disneyland?

    It price depends on whether you will be visiting on a high demand season or on a day when crowds are expected to be low. And It also depends on whether you are planing to visit one or both parks.

    When planing for a family vacation to Disneyland, make sure you account for higher ticket costs. In that way, you can review your personal finance budget and determine if a trip to Diseyland is suitable.


    One day, one park ticket for age 10 and above least expensive ticket is $104 (less busy day) and it can also rank to $179 for a more demand day (most expensive ticket) while for age 9 to down least expensive ticket price is $98 and can also rank to $169 on a busier day. Whereby a family of four (two kids and two adult) will sum up to $404 for least expensive ticket and $696 for most expensive tickets.

    This ticket prices does not include a 6.5% sales tax, but when you add up choices like Park Hopper, Memory Maker, or Water Park and Sports, ticket prices will really increase.

    Price increase depends on the day and time of the year you visit, you should expect to pay anywhere any any day from $119, $134, $159, or $164 for a one day ticket. Years back, this was not the case as a single day Disneyland ticket was constantly the same price no matter when you visited.

    However, If you intend to visit both Disneyland theme park and California Adventures on the same day, then you will need a park hopper ticket. Prices for a one-day park hopper ticket ranges from $169 at the new Tier 0 to $244 at Tier 6, up from $224.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Do Disneyland have Black Friday?

    Yes, they do. When planing for an exciting vacation to Disneyland between on Novembers, you are going to benefit with a savings of up to 50% during this black Friday deals. Black Friday deal gives Adults a chance of visiting the amusement park at Kids’ Prices for thre days or longer.


    Prices for Disneyland tickets varies based on seasonal demands and visitor's age. This article have explained the key things you need to know about Disneyland ticket prices.