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What you Need to Create Express Entry Profile

    What You Need to Create Express Entry Profile

    Express Entry is the main way the Canadian government establish permanent residence (PR) for skilled workers. Applicant's can register for express entry profile with the official Canadian website


    Creating an express entry profile is not all about what you need to create but it is a step by step way of processing your information and following procedural check to know if you are eligible to create the express entry profile or not.

    You can create an express entry profile, you need to know how it works, know about the application procedures and eligibility fact awareness. You also need to know that Express Entry is an online system used to manage immigration applications from skilled workers.

    There are three Immigration programs manage through express entry;

    1. Canadian Experience Class: Only for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience
    2. Federal Skilled Work Program: This is for skilled workers with foreign work experience and must meet a criteria for education and language ability.
    3. Federal Skilled Trade Program: This is for skilled workers who are engage and eligible in a  skilled trade. And as a valid job offer or certificate of qualification.

    Steps in Creating an Express Entry Profile

    Here are the steps to create an express entry profile and what you need to create it .

    Step 1:  Eligibility Check

    You must be eligible for  one of the  programs, based on the three immigration program under express entry. You will have to answer a few questions to find out if you might be able to apply under express entry. You should fill out the online form and submit.

    If you are eligible for express entry, questions about your, nationality, age, language ability, family members, education, work experience, details on your job offer will be asked.

    Step 2: Check Your Score/Points to Know if you're Eligible

    A minimum of 67 point is required for you to process an express entry profile. If you meet the eligibility requirements for an Express entry, and earn the most points in your selected program, you will be invited for immigration and given a number called personal reference code.

    Step 3: You Need to Build Your Express Entry Profile

    And from here you are eligible, you will be directed to your online account to fill out an express entry profile.

    1. Follow the list of instructions to create an account.
    2. Enter your personal reference code when you are redirected to it.
    3. Enter personal details after all the procedures.

    You should also provide the following  needed information in their Express Entry profiles;

    • Your contact Information
    • An account of your educational history
    • An account of your work experience
    • Language ability

    Step 4: Get the Necessary Documents Required

    To complete your express entry profile, you need to get your documents ready and NOC job tittle and code. Note that you don't need to upload documents to submit a profile, but will need information from some or all of these documents below;

    • A passports or travel document is needed.
    • Language test result needed
    • Educational credentials needed
    • Provincial nominations( if available)
    • Written job offer from your employer (if you have any)
    • Certificate of qualification in a trade occupation issued by a Canadian province. (For federal skilled trade program candidate)
    • Work experiences
    • Proof of fund

    They aboved mentioned documents are for your profile, while documents for your application for permanent residence (PR) are;

    • Police certificate
    • Medical examination
    • Proof of fund

    And other documents included for applicants declaring dependent children is;

    • Birth certificate

    And if you hire a representative, this document will be needed from you

    • Use of a representative form (PDF form)

    If you declared your marital status as married

    • Marriage certificate will be included

    If you declared your marital status as divorced

    • Divorce certificate and legal separation agreement needed

    If you declared your marital status as widowed

    • Death certificate needed

    When an dependent child is listed as adopted

    • Adoption certificate is included

    They above listed documents are needed

    Step 5: Submit Your Express Entry Profile

    Necessary things to proceed with before submitting your express entry profile

    Take a Language Test

    They three immigration programs through Express Entry will require applicants to prove their knowledge in at least one of Canada’s two official languages, English or French. Therefore, skilled immigration applicants are to complete a government-approved language test and add the test results in your profile.

    Get Your Education Credentials Assessed

    If you studied outside of Canada, you should have a diploma assessed in order to ensure that the education is equivalent to a similar Canadian education. Owning  a credential assessment is necessary for anyone who wants to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

    The assessment is not compulsory if the applicant is applying under the Federal Skilled Trade Program or under the Canadian Experience Class.

    Know your National Occupation Classification (NOC)

    The NOC is a list of all the occupations in the Canadian labor market database system. It classify each job according to skill type and skill level. For immigration, these are the main job groups:

    • Skill Type 0, a management jobs
    • Skill Level A, is a professional jobs
    • Skill Level B, is a technical jobs and skilled trades

    When your profile has been completed with the necessary documents and information, the profile should be submitted. You will receive an Express Entry profile number, and a job seeker validation code.

    Step 6: Receive an Invitation and Apply for Permanent Residence

    At this point, you will be sent an invitation to apply but for applicants with highest score.  You'll be sent a mail for;

    • Confirmation of permanent residence (COPR). Fill out the form for permanent residence, upload documents, pay fees and submit your application. You only have 60 days to submit your application for permanent residence. And after confirming,
    • A permanent resident visa will be sent, then your application is approved.


    The processes of creating an Express Entry Profile is really easy when you have the needed information about eligibility and required documents. That's the reason this article has been compiled to guide all applicants with all the information needed to process a hitch free express entry into Canada.