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The History Behind Famous Disneyland and How Old it is

    The History Behind Famous Disneyland and How Old it is

    Walt Disney's creation, Disneyland, has won the hearts of countless people for decades and has since developed into a location that generations of families visit to unwind and have fun. It is now one of the most well-liked tourist sites in the entire globe. The park wasn't always a place for excitement and fun. It started off small and had numerous adjustments over the years before becoming what it is now. Here is a quick overview of Disneyland's history.


    The Backstory of Disneyland

    Walt Disney built Disneyland, a theme park in Anaheim, California, which debuted on July 17, 1955. It was the first Disney theme park and has since grown to be one of the busiest. Walt Disney had the idea for Disneyland because he wanted to make a location where adults and kids could have fun together. He aimed to create a clean, secure park that featured both entertaining and educational attractions.

    Disney wanted his park to be unique from the conventional amusement park of the time because they weren't family-friendly, unclean, or well-run. He therefore communicated his thoughts for “Mickey Mouse Park” in a now-famous note to the studio's production designer, Dick Kelsey.

    The project quickly surpassed the original plans for the 8-acre tract of land across from Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, which called for a modest park with a boat ride and a few themed areas. As Disney's ideas developed and more designers joined the planning process, it became evident that they required a considerably larger place to house the park they had in mind.

    Disney began to visit other parks for inspiration. They bought a 160-acre orchard of orange and walnut trees near Anaheim, 27 miles southeast of Los Angeles, where they discovered the area they required at a price they could afford. The “Mickey Mouse Park” undertaking eventually evolved into “Disneylandia” and “Disneyland”. The site's construction started in 1954. Disneyland was ready to welcome visitors just one year and 17 million dollars later.

    Opening Day

    In July 1955, Disneyland finally welcomed visitors after much planning and construction. Even though the park made people happy and joyful, soon after it opened, everything started going wrong. Over half of the 28,000 attendees had “invited” themselves by using fake tickets or the fence to enter.

    The two-lane Harbor Boulevard was congested. Every two hours, famous people who were supposed to appear came up all at once. Due to a local plumbers' strike and the sweltering 101 °F (38 °C) outside, Disney was offered the option of having running bathrooms or functioning drinking fountains.

    He made the latter decision, leaving several water fountains empty. Since Pepsi sponsored the park's inauguration, this resulted in bad press since disgruntled visitors thought the malfunctioning fountains were a sleazy method to promote drink while other merchants ran out of food. Walt Disney extended an invitation to guests to return for a private “second day” to experience Disneyland authentically in response to the very bad publicity from the preview launch.

    The official opening day was July 18, not July 17, at the time and throughout the lives of Walt and Roy Disney. Since then, with the help of recollections of the television broadcast, the business has chosen July 17 as the official date, which is the day that Disneyland is celebrated annually.

    The Years that Followed

    In the years that followed, Disneyland continued to push the envelope of innovation and technology, influencing theme parks, roller coasters, and other tourist attractions all around the world. A timeline of significant events, inventions, and firsts at Disneyland is shown below:

    1956 – Five million people visited Disneyland in its first year of operation.

    1957 – There were 10 million more visitors than before.

    The Matterhorn Bobsled became the first tubular steel roller coaster ever constructed in 1959. Modern roller coaster design is still influenced by it.

    In 1963, The Enchanted Tiki Room became the first of its type to incorporate revolutionary audio-animatronics technology and include live performances by three-dimensional birds, flowers, and Tiki gods.

    1966 – It's a Small World, a water ride with 500 Audio-Animatronics dolls representing various countries debuted. The history of Disneyland is inextricably linked to It's a Small World.

    1967 saw the release of Pirates of the Caribbean.. It continues to be one of the most well-liked attractions today and served as the basis for the enormously successful blockbuster films with the same name.


    In 1969, The Haunted Mansion and its 999 ghosts began frightening park guests. There was always “room for one more.” 1972 – The Main Street Electrical Parade, which included more than 500,000 sparkling lights debuted

    1976 – Had 150 million visitors to Disneyland.

    In 1977– Tomorrowland's Space Mountain roller coaster launched. On its maiden voyage, astronauts John Glenn and Alan Shepard participated.

    In 1979 – The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad first ran at Frontierland.

    In 1989 – Splash Mountain premiered and its five-story waterfall plunge still has us carrying ponchos in our purses.

    1993 saw the addition of Mickey's Toontown as the newest “land”.

    1995's Indiana Jones Adventure offered thrill seekers the chance to join in on the action with a ride inspired by George Lucas's movies.

    In 2001, Disney California Adventure Park debuted to the general public, introducing a brand-new range of rides, eateries, and attractions based on the state's most illustrious parks and monuments.

    2005 saw the 50th anniversary of Disneyland.

    2017 saw 708 million visitors to Disneyland.

    2019 – Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which opens on May 31st, will mark a new chapter in Disneyland history.

    2020 – As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Disneyland closed in March to reduce the risk that the virus might infect its visitors.

    2021 Disneyland reopened to non-Californian visitors for the first time since the epidemic.

    How Old is Disneyland?

    Disneyland is now 68 years old. One of the first theme parks in the world, it debuted on July 17, 1955. Having undergone several restorations and additions throughout the years, Disneyland currently spans over 500 acres and features eight themed zones, including Main Street, U.S.A., Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Mickey's Toontown, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and Pixar Pier.


    This article explains in details, the creation of Disneyland, how it evolved over the years, its achievements, how old it is and the benefits visitors derive from it.