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Organizations That Offer Scholarships To International Students 

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Many students dream of studying abroad but have been limited by financial constraints. While some have resolved to accept their fate, smart students are jumping at scholarship opportunities. Therefore the need for this article. The link between your dream to study abroad and the actuality of that dream is not far-fetched. And it could be with organizations that offer scholarships to international students.


The quest for knowledge is at an all-time high. This article will provide you with a list of organizations offering international students scholarships.

7 Organizations That Offer Scholarships To International Students 

1. GREAT Scholarships

They provide students with £10,000 to facilitate their academic pursuits. This offer is open to students from 14 countries. This program allows students to enroll in post-graduate programs in any field of their choice for one year.

  • 49 universities across Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England are offering 200 scholarships in the 2023/2024 academic year

List Of Countries That Can Access GREAT Scholarships 

Click the links below to see which scholarships are available in your country:

  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam 

2. Google Scholarships/Generation Google scholarship 

Google Scholarships, also called Generation Google Scholarship offer students a variety of great scholarships to enable students transit from non-specialists to tech-savvy individuals.

Google is now one of the organizations that offer scholarships to international students. Interesting, isn't it? Build your future with GOOGLE.

Students who are interested in technology can now apply and maximize this offer. This fully funded scholarship program launched by Google is called the Generation Google Scholarship.

Google's primary objective is to support outstanding international students. Especially those interested in acquiring a degree in Computer Science

3. The DAAD Scholarship 2023-2024 

The DAAD Scholarship offers postgraduate students an opportunity to enroll in a master's or Ph.D. program at some of the top German universities. 


It is a fully funded scholarship for international students. DAAD scholarship also provides student warfare. DAAD demonstrates this by giving monthly stipends of 861 euros to graduates, while doctoral candidates receive 1,200 euros.

4. The University of Southampton scholarships for international students 2023 – 2024

Southampton doesn't do this alone. The university allows partnerships with the government and other organizations. Below are two of those scholarship partners working with the Univesity of Southampton.

Sannam S4 Partners With The University Of Southampton 

  • It will be impossible to name organizations that offer scholarships to international students without Sannam S4. It may even appear at the top of the list—Sannam partners with the University of Southampton to support students in India and Southeast Asia. 

Sanam S4 Connects Students With In-Country Representatives

  • Sannam S4 has embraced the responsibility of connecting students with the University of Southampton’s in-country representatives. It has created a system that mediates between students and the university. Sannam 4 also ensures students have all information regarding living in Southampton.

Their international  scholarships include; 

  • International Merit Scholarships 
  • Scholarships by School 

The scholarships range from £1,000 to 8,000 and are awarded automatically depending on the chosen course. The University also has some exciting, competitive scholarships for undergraduates and postgraduates. 

This is in collaboration with the prestigious Southampton Presidential International Scholarship, which could lead to a £10,000 or 100% award. 

The University has partnered with the British Council to offer a £10,000 GREAT Scholarship to Indian students applying for MSc Electrochemistry and Battery Technologies program. 

4 Chevening Scholarships

Chevening is a UK-based scholarship for international students. The scholarship recipients, including students, are picked by the British embassies. And they do this what the goal of developing global leaders, influencers, and professionals.

Since the inception of this program, it has recorded 55,000, the evolution of 55,000. And it has a different number of scholarships for different countries. 

Some of the expenses a Chevening scholarship takes care of include; university tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, an economy class return airfare to the UK, and additional grants and allowances which enable students to fund essential expenditures. 

For international students to be eligible for the undergraduate program, they must meet the eligibility criteria.

5 Australia Awards Scholarships 

This scholarship program offers short-term scholarships to students that desire to study in Australia. Although this might be a short-term offer, it is one of the most sought International scholarships.

Students from the following regions are eligible for this award

  • Asia 
  • The Pacific 
  • The Middle East 
  • Africa 

These people can apply for a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course at the Australian University. 

Australian Awards Scholarships is targeted at citizens from 20 developing countries. To accept the scholarship offer, students are required to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia. 

This contract contains statements that declare the student's compliance with the conditions of the scholarship.

The Australian Scholarship Award takes full responsibility for some of the students. And this includes expenses like: 

  • Tuition fees, 
  • Return air travel

In other cases, it assists and contributes partly to students 

living expenses and establishment allowances.

6 Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme 

In collaboration with Foreign Affairs, the French Ministry of Europe has initiated the Eiffel Scholarship Programme. This initiative aims to make international students tilt in their direction, especially those interested in diploma studies at the Masters and Ph.D. levels at French educational institutions. 

This scholarship offers 5 courses that students can enroll on  

  • Law studies
  • Economics and Management
  • Political sciences 
  • Engineering sciences at the master’s level, and 
  • Pure sciences at the Ph.D. level

Students receive monthly maintenance stipends and some extra cash to help them scale through school. In addition, this scholarship award covers students' local, national or international travel expenses. They are also provided with health insurance.

7 Gates Cambridge Scholarship 

This is a collaborative effort between the Gates Foundation and the university of Cambridge. First, the foundation donated to the university, bringing about the name Gates Cambridge Scholarship. 

International students interested in taking an undergraduate course at Cambridge University will receive full scholarships to facilitate that dream.

They provide the best scholarships for international students who wish to pursue their postgraduate studies at Cambridge University. 

The following eligibility criteria are required to access the Gate Cambridge Scholarship. 

  • Intellectual ability 
  • Strong leadership potential 
  • Commitment to improving the lives of others.

Cambridge is not an exception. This scholarship is aimed at community building within the borders of Cambridge. It hopes to extend this initiative to other world regions so that it may equip other students who can contribute to their communities.

Scholarships For Only Bachelors Degrees 

Organizations That Offer Scholarships To International Students 

This scholarship suits people who are looking to bag a bachelor’s degree. And the opportunities are mostly open to people who are incapable of meeting the financial demands. 

1. American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (USA)

Students with exceptional performance are the focus of the AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship. Individuals that are determined to create positive, social, and civic change. Students can translate the knowledge they acquire from their degree program to cause an impact in their various communities. 

This scholarship is meant for students willing to return to their country to facilitate the conversion of under-resourced, underserved communities into developed societies. The American scholarship covers full tuition fees, accommodation, and board.

2. Reach Oxford Scholarships (UK)

Students who receive this scholarship award are mostly from low-income countries. Students whose educational pursuits have been limited due to several reasons as listed below: 

Political or economic instability

  • Poor finances 
  • Lack of educational facilities

The degree scholarship program is available on various courses except for medicine. The scholarship also covers the university and college fees, a grant for living expenses, and one return airfare per year.

3. UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarships (UK)

The UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship funds students from low-income backgrounds to pursue and acquire a degree program at UCL. This full-time program is designed to enable students to access all the necessary tools needed for growth.  The awards entail tuition fees and allowance fees. 

4. The University of British Columbia International Leader of Tomorrow Award (Canada)

The University of British Columbia (UBC) awards bachelor's degree scholarships to international students worldwide. This offer is specific for international students with outstanding track records. 

You can get this scholarship through the International Leader of Tomorrow (ILOT) program. Each award covers full tuition fees given the field each student applied to.

Wrapping Up

After carefully reading the article above, you want to ensure that you explore these options. That's why we presented you with the list of organizations offering international students scholarships. Now explore different options to actualize your dreams of schooling abroad.