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Home » The Ultimate Guide on How to Complete your UK passenger Locator Form

The Ultimate Guide on How to Complete your UK passenger Locator Form

    How to Complete your UK passenger Locator Form

    What Is a UK Passenger Locator Form

    A UK passenger locator form is a document that must be filled and submitted by all passengers outside the CTR (Common Travel Area) into the UK. This form must be filled correctly and returned if they must enter the UK.


    Requirements In Filling the UK Passenger Locator Form.

    Filling this form doesn't require so much contrary to most beliefs, all you need do is fill the form correctly and you are good to go

    Steps On How to Fill the UK Passenger Locator Form

    Sign in to Create an Account with the Passenger Locating Form.

    Passengers are expected to log in to an existing locator form account they had already created or establish a new one using a personal email address and password in order to begin the procedure.

    Input Your Contact

    Passengers will need to put in their home or cell phone number on the form. A second contact details can be entered in the optional field.

    Confirmation of Phone Number or Contact Details

    UK health organizations in accordance with the track and trace system in the country may need to call you to confirm the contact details you submitted. You need to choose the best method of communication from UK Track & Trace: phone, text, or both.

    • Fill in Your Name
    • Include your first and last names the exact way it is written on your passport
    • Your Travel Date
    • Indicate the day and the hour you are expected to arrive in the UK on your form.
    • Fill in Your Departure Date
    • If you are travelling out of the UK, enter your departure date in this box. However, this point is optional
    • Input Your Gender and Date of Birth
    • Click on the “save” button after entering your gender and date of birth.
    • Input your home address
    • Include if your home address is in the UK

    Select Your Home Postal Code

    The website will provide a selection of home number address options when you enter your postal code. Choose the appropriate address.

    Fill in Your Passport Details

    When you arrive at the UK border, you must be able to fill out information about your identification such as the passport you are using. This information will include your passport's expiration date, country your passport was issued, and the passport number. All of this information is on the travel document's picture page.

    Fill in Your Travel Schedule

    Choose whether you'll be travelling around the UK, remaining in the UK, travelling out of the UK in the next 48 hours, or staying there for some time.


    Input Your Arrival Details

    Detail like the airport you will bel landing in the UK should be filled. You must also provide the airline you are traveling by and the country you are departing from. It shouldn't be difficult to find this information, as this information is on your ticket confirmation or boarding card. All you need to do is enter the aircraft number, rail service, or ship number you will be arriving on.

    You will also be asked to fill in your seat number.

    • Include the Names of the People You are Traveling with if Any
    • If you're taking a child under the age of 18 with you on your trip, then it must be disclosed.
    • You must enter the child’s personal details if you are going on the journey with them.

    Input The Places of Visit

    Your movement in the UK will be dependent on the places you had been to in the last 10 days before your arrival in the UK. You must include the dates you arrived and left on the forms, as well as all vital and important information regarding your travels within the place of your visit (including any islands). If this is the place in which you reside, you do not need to include an arrival date.

    Select if You Need Self Isolation

    When you go to the UK, decide if you need to be on your own.

    There are two options on the form. the first statement reads “I was not completely vaccinated in the UK, through a vaccination program recognized by the UK. Hence, I need to self-isolate when I arrive in the UK unless, or I have only been in a green list country or island,”.

    The second says “I am traveling for a specified exempt purpose,”

    Fill in Your Accommodation Plans in the UK

    • Passengers must enter the information about the address where they will be staying while in the UK.
    • They must also include the day they will go to this address and their intended departure dates.
    • They don't need to fill in the details of the last clause, if that is their residence.
    • Also, fill in the details of the address you will be staying in, in the first 10 days of your arrival in the UK


    Check through your answers in case you need to make a correction, also include if you need to run a test, submit your work.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    After Filing My Form What Should I do When I Get to the UK?

    • You are to present one of the following when you arrive at any point in the county:
    • The confirmation letter you received printed out as hard copy or;
    • The soft copy of the confirmation email on your phone.
    • If you or the person you travelled with shows any symptoms COVID-19, the UK government will use the details you provided in the form to reach you.

    Why Do I Need to Fill Out the UK Locator Form?

    It is important to fill this form as it will help the UK health personnel to reach you in cases where they notice from the test taken you have some symptoms of the covid 19.


    Completing the UK locator form can be a little stressful especially, if you don't understand the steps. This article provides an in-depth guideline on the step-by-step process for the completion of the form; from details needed to finally submitting it.