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40 Unusual and Fun Things to do in Miami

    40 Unusual and Fun Things to do in Miami

    Miami is undoubtedly one of the absolute most beautiful destinations in America with the perfect sunny weather, white sand beaches overlooking clear blue waters, palm trees and lots of tourists enjoying the waterside and nightlife.


    With all these, one can easily assume that there is so much to see and do once you set foot in Miami hence, the need to point out top 40 fun things you should definitely try out in Miami.

    1. Visit South Beach
    Fondly referred to as “SoBe” for short, this is considered one of the most touristy locations to be in Miami as it is always full of guests including many famous celebrities. You can participate in swimming and all other sorts of watersports before relaxing for a sip under some beautiful umbrellas.

    2. Visit Jungle Island
    For nature lovers, you can enjoy a great time in this park where you get to learn about conservation and the animals that live here.

    3. Head out the Bayside Marketplace if you're interested in shopping and enjoying assorted foods as well as sightseeing of other important structures surrounding the mall.

    4. If you are looking for gram worthy destinations, then drop by the Wynwood Walls which is also the most Instagrammed location in Miami.

    5. Visit Little Haiti Cultural Center where you get treated to a mix of Afro and Caribbean cultural heritages.

    6. Check out the Coconut Grove which holds history as far back as the 1800s.

    7. Enjoy an opportunity to go fishing for free in South Pointe Park Pier.

    8. Get treated to live music, cocktails and games at the 30,000-square-foot grounds of The Wharf Miami.

    9. Take a walk and explore Surfside Beach or go for a dip when the sun comes up.

    10. Join a tour group and discover The Florida Everglades.

    11. Indulge in the South Beach vibrant nightlife if you're in for some Latin music and Salsa dance.

    12. Visit The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center.

    13. Have a feel of Miami's history by joining Stiltsville Miami Boat Tour.

    14. Get wowed by mystery at the Coral Castle which is also a kid's favorite in Miami.

    15. Attend the Miami Salsa Festival at the FTX Arena.

    16. Visit the planetarium and aquarium at Philip and Patricia Ford Museum of Science.

    17. Take a walk in The Kampong National Tropical Botanical Garden.

    18. Go Ace Diving and Scuba Diving in the beautiful blue Atlantic ocean.

    19. Pay a visit to the Ocean Voyage Zoo.

    20. Trek through Lincoln Road and catch sights of beautiful shops and cafes.

    21. Go for an excursion with a Segway Tour group.


    22. Rent a 20th century vintage vehicle and go for a road trip.

    23. Enjoy tasting some great food at Time Out Market.

    24. Take a peek at some of the works in the World Erotic Art Museum.

    25. Go sailing in a Catamaran cruise boat

    26. Learn about Jewish history and religion in the Jewish Museum of Florida.

    27. Live out your favorite crime scenes and fantasy in one of the Escape Rooms in South Beach, Miami.

    28. Explore the region on a rented bicycle tour.

    29. Have a fun time and go wild at the 36.53 acres Flamingo Park.

    30. Attend a sermon at Saint Francis de Sales Church.

    31. Go for a 30-minute airplane tour for an overhead view of Miami's landscape, beaches as well as the stunning residences of celebrities like Rick Ross.

    32. Go for a thrill ride on a jet ski.

    33. Pay your respects to the six million victims of the Jewish massacre at Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach.

    34. Go para sailing in South Beach.

    35. Play golf at Miami Beach Golf club.

    36. Go paddling in a kayak.

    37. Visit the Mojito Room to learn Salsa.

    38. Enjoy dinner at a classy restaurant serving cuisines like croissants, Italian fare, pizzas baked in wood ovens or cauliflower nachos.

    39. Take in views of the city at one of the rooftop bars.

    40. Boogie down at some of the best nightclubs Miami has to offer like the awesome “Do Not Sit On The Furniture” nightclub.


    Once in Miami, there are a lot of things to see and do so it's best to travel here with a bucket list so you don't miss out on anything interesting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do I stay in South Beach Miami?

    There are a lot of elegant hotels and resorts you can lodge in throughout your stay such as Leows Miami Beach Hotel or The Betsy Hotel.

    Where can I do in Miami if I'm broke?

    You can opt for a self guided tour, go on a bike tour or explore the Fruit & Spice Park.