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Home » Step-by-Step Guide on How to Check Your Visa Status in Canada

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Check Your Visa Status in Canada

    Step-by-Step Guide on How to Check Your Visa Status in Canada

    Owning a visa in Canada is very important as you can go anywhere you want to go when you own a visa here I'll be showing you the step-by-step ways you can check your visa status, this is important so as to know when your visa is still valid and when it is not, and when it is not you know to renew your visa but first of all what is a visa status.


    What is a Visa Status

    It is not possible for anybody to enter or leave the country (in this case Canada) without a visa. So you can say that a visa is an official document or stamp that gives a person the license to travel in and out of a country.

    Visa status is therefore the state of validity of your visa. This is knowing if your visa is still valid or not or if it has gotten to its expiry date. Canadians can check their visa status online with the steps I am going to be showing on this article.

    Ways to Check Your Visa Status

    There are three methods of checking a visa status. The first applies if you're checking your US visa status. The second applies if you're checking your UK visa status. And the third applies if you're checking your Canadian visa status. However, In this article will be explaining how to check your visa if it is a US visa and a Canadian visa.

    Checking your US Visa Status

    There are a series of steps one should follow to check US visa status, these steps are listed below.

    Log into the website
    you can check your u.s. visa status by logging into the website of the US department of state consular electronic application centre. This is the first step to check your visa. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to fill in a couple of personal details and this you must do accurately. It is also advisable to save websites for easy accessibility next time. You can save it as a bookmark or an offline page. Anyone that works well for you is perfect.

    The next point or step is to choose your type of visa application
    Here you'll be given two options: the first is the option of the immigrant visa and the second is the non-immigrant visa. Choose the one that best applies to you.

    The next point is to select the location you were interviewed
    This applies to non immigrants specifically where they will need to select the place they were interviewed. You'll be given a series of options which will include some countries and names of cities. All you need to do is select the option of the place, maybe city or country where you are applying for the U.S. visa.

    Enter the case number for your immigration visa.
    The embassy or consulate must have provided you with an Immigrant Visa Case Number or an Application ID when you filed for a visa.


    Additionally, it can be your “confirmation number.” You must type it into the box or space provided for that. It may be in this format “AA0020AKAX” or “2012118 345 0001,”.

    Fill in the code
    In order for them to verify that you are not a robot, you must also submit a CAPTCHA code on the CEAC website. Although it will typically be a combination of letters and digits but every time you visit the screen, the code will be different.

    Youou can click an icon to hear the code spoken to you, if you are unable to read the CAPTCHA code. Click “Submit” once the code has been entered and then wait for your status to be displayed.

    How to Check Canadian Visa Status

    Log in to the webpage
    you may check the status online, by visiting the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, If you apply for a transit, super, business, or tourist visa. The French and English versions are both accessible. The following steps are required

    • Register with your account. Click the “Sign in to your account” option if you applied for your visa online. Then, you have a choice of two ways to sign in. Pick the one you submitted with your visa application. After which you fill in all required information.
    • Link an application on paper. Maybe you had submitted a paper application when you requested your visa. If that is the case you should connect your application to an online account so that you can check the status.
    • You may check the status of your application after creating the link. Emails about the status of your application are another option.
    • To begin, click the option that says “Link your paper application to your online account.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I do if After Checking my Visa Status I Find Out That my Visa Has Expired?

    If your visa status is no longer valid the best thing to do is to apply for visa renewal.

    What Happens to Me if my Visa Expires?

    You will no longer be permitted to leave Canada or enter Canada. Your visa is what gives you the licence to travel out and into the country but after the visa expires all access into or out of the country is denied until your visa is renewed.

    Is Status the Same Thing as Visa Status?

    Visa status is different from status once you have traveled into the country (in this case Canada) status is what gives you the right to do some things in the country and at what level you are to do that and also tells you the things you are not to do while your visa status is what tells you if your visa is still valid or not.


    Knowing your visa status is very vital if you must travel around or in and out of a country. Checking your visa status can be a bit challenging here is a step-by-step method of checking your status.