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How To Apply For Canada Visitor Visa

    How To Apply For Canada Visitor Visa

    The Canada Visitor Visa is a temporary resident visa that permits the bearer to travel to Canada for a variety of reasons, including: vacations or tourism in Canada and visiting relatives.


    You can travel to a Canadian port of entry and request permission to enter the nation if you have a Canada tourist visa. Based on your documentation and circumstances, the Border Patrol Agents have the authority to either permit or deny you admission.

    The Canada visitor visa is also called the Canada tourist visa.

    You will be permitted to cross the port of entry and start your vacation or family stay in Canada if you have been granted a visitor visa to Canada and the authorities determine that you do not have any criminal intents. Your passport will be stamped with a visiting visa, often known as a temporary residence visa. It demonstrates that you are eligible to enter Canada.

    Most visitors traveling to Canada require a visitor's visa. However, getting a Visitor visa can be a lot stressful as the steps involved may be complicated and time-consuming.

    How to Apply For and Get a Canada Visitor Visa

    Below are simple and easy steps on how to apply for and get a Canada visitor visa.

    Before requesting a visitors visa, obtain the necessary paperwork for a visiting visa. The majority of applicants must provide their biometrics if it is their first time applying. Find out what to do with your biometrics (fingerprints and pictures).

    STEP 1

    Get the paperwork proving you are eligible for a visitor's visa.

    STEP 2

    Apply online; These involve:

    • Opening a new account
    • Uploading your documents
    • Payment of fees

    STEP 3

    • Upload your fingerprints and photo (biometrics)
    • After you submit your application, it is reviewed to make sure you have all the required documentation.
    • Your application will be returned to you unprocessed if it is insufficient.
    • You will be required to send in your passport if your application is accepted

    You may also be asked to;

    • Attend a meeting with the representatives in your country and give further details
    • Go for a medical checkup
    • Get a certificate from the police

    STEP 4

    fax over your passport (if we approve your application)

    Follow the steps that will be supplied to you to obtain your visa.

    STEP 5

    Get ready to travel to and land in Canada.
    When entering Canada, the border services officer may ask you to show extra papers in addition to those you submitted with your visa application.


    Situations where you might be required to give additional documentation upon arrival
    Have the paperwork below ready if any of the following scenarios apply to you or a companion you'll be traveling with.

    • You have a minor under your care (a minor child)
    • A youngster below the age of 18 in Canada is regarded as a minor.
    • You might have to exhibit
    • A letter authorizing the minor kid to visit Canada, as well as other paperwork, such as adoption papers or a custody judgment, depending on whether the minor child is traveling alone.

    You were invited to visit Canada

    If you were invited to Canada, by a friend, relative, or for business, take the letter of invitation with you. A border patrol agent could request to see it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Can Apply For the Visitor Visa?

    A person who is eligible to apply for this visa must:

    • Possess a valid travel ID, such as a passport
    • Be in excellent health
    • Have no convictions for crimes or immigration-related offenses
    • Persuade an immigration official that you have links to your native country, such as a job, residence, financial resources, or family.
    • Convince the immigration officer that you will depart Canada after your visit is over and that you have the funds to cover your expenses.
    • A medical test result may also be required.

    What are the Documents Needed for the Application?

    Note that all these documents must be in either English or French.

    • Application form for a tourist visa to Canada.
    • To demonstrate that you have the money necessary for the trip to Canada, provide bank or other financial statements, two photos, and court documents that prove you have a clean criminal history.
    • A travel plan showing what your plans are for the trip if you have already purchased your airline tickets, or simply an explanation of your plans for your time in Canada.
    • A letter of invitation from your family or friends for a Canada visa if you're going to be visiting them.
    • If you are visiting your family, please provide evidence of the relationship.
      if you are traveling to see relatives or friends, their immigration status.

    How Long Does the Processing of Visa Take?

    Processing times for visitor visas to Canada vary from 8 to 40 days. Nevertheless, processing times vary depending on the nation you reside in. Therefore, you will have to wait around a month for the processing of your visitor visa.

    How Long Does the Tourist Visa for Canada Last?

    Depending on each circumstance, the Canadian Consulate determines how long to grant you a tourist visa for Canada.

    No matter how long your Visa is valid, it is not possible to stay in Canada for more than six months. Therefore, you must go back to your place of origin after six months, reside there for a while, and then come to Canada again for another six months.

    What Can I do With a Tourist Visa to Canada?

    If your financial situation is sound, you are permitted to travel across Canada for up to six months on a Canadian tourist visa. You can not get identification cards for Canada. Additionally, you are prohibited from working or studying, and you cannot apply for government assistance programs like health care.

    Can I Enter Canada With My Dependents on a Tourist  Visa?

    Your spouse and minor children are eligible for a tourist visa so they can travel with you to Canada. They should all submit their applications, though, and pay their costs.

    To be processed as a family, you must submit the applications simultaneously at the Visa Application Center or online.


    Applying for a Visitor visa has been made very easy with the steps listed above, following the steps can lead to betting your visitor visa without much stress and enjoying a fun-filled vacation.