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Home » Everything You Need to Know About How to Get a Work Permit For Minor in US

Everything You Need to Know About How to Get a Work Permit For Minor in US

    Everything You Need to Know About How to Get a Work Permit For Minor in US

    How can a Minor Get a Permit?

    A teenager who’s interested in working for your business may obtain a work permit for minors through their school’s guidance office or the state’s labour department depending on the state. In some state that means an under 18 worker must ensure to obtain a work permit for minors.


    To get qualified for a work permit, a minor may likely need to present one or more of the following details.

    • A certificate of physical fitness from a physician, dated within one year of the application.
    • Evidence of age, such as a birth certificate, school ID and as well as driver’s license, passport or state issues photo ID etc.
    • A parent or guidance’s signature.
    • A completed work permits application.
    • Proof of recent physical or a doctor’s note.

    However, in some cases when applying for a work permit the minor may have to ensure to be accompanied by a parent of a guardian that is to avoid unnecessary repetition.  It is stated that;

    1. Employment Certificate: This type of work permit state that minor’s age and also makes reference to the employer with Legitimate Evidence that the minor is deemed well to be employed.
    2. Age Certificates: This type of work permits provide material that serves as a record that a minor is old enough to be employed. This permit varies by the state and the age of the minor.

    However, there are no federal requirements that mandate minor getting work papers before proceeding to start the employment, but some state requires them  if they also required in your state i.e. you will provide them to an employer before you can start work.

    Things to Consider for Working Minor  

    Before you start a job search, ensure you know perfectly what you’ll need to do in order to be eligible to be employed. If you prepared in advance the hiring process will be easier and smoother and you’ll be able to start work with immediate effect.

    • Be a smart job seeker: There are lots of different categories of people, some as the lousy employees as well as the scams to avoid the both, carry out some research before employing or getting committed to the job. Confide or seek redress from the previous or former employers to see if the company has set a good reputation in your community. Above all, if it sounds good to be true, it is probably is.
    • Be realistic about time commitment: Don’t take any work than you can reasonably balance with your commitment to school. It’s unlikely that your part time jobs in high school with turn grades by getting so committed to work.
    • Learn about the labour laws and restriction: This is one of the most numerous tips for working minor given your age, the type of job you’re seeking and the geographical territory which you’re working. For example worker aged 14 or 15 are limited to 18 hours of work per week, per federal law as well as all workers under the age of 18 are forbidden from working with perilous or automatic waste.
    • Have adequate knowledge of the work you’re seeking: Regardless of the plans to ensure a minor eloping into job, he or she must be deemed best for the field applying for. This is because it will ease the stress of moving tirelessly to perfect a certain work.

    FLSA Employment Requirements and Some Employers’ Responsibilities When Hiring Minor  

    Child labour provision mandated by the FLSA were formulated to ensure that minors can seek employment without damaging their health well being or educations. These provisions cover the following categories.

    • Minimum employable age: Minimum age requirements may also vary by states and industry. For example states such as Illinois maintain a minimum working age as low as 10 when a child isn’t in school as long as the minor has parental consent.
    • Hazardous working environment: The FLSA interdicts or prohibit minor from working in any environment deemed hazardous by the secretary of labour. This may includes work that involves excavating, explosive components or the operation of certain types of power equipment.
    • Workplace posting requirement: These regulations may limits the jobs a minor may perform and may limit the job a minor may perform or dictate industry certain age requirements, prohibited activities as well as schedule limitations.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What Time do Minor Have to Get Off Work? 

    Under federal law, minors in non-agricultural industries my not work after 7pm or before 7am.

    Where Can I Get Work Permit Besides School? 

    Work permits are basically issued through the  school authority that the applying student is enrolled. If you find out you need working papers you may seek redress to get it from your school guidance office or you can also get them by searching the websites, or calling or emailing the officer.

    How to Get a Work Permit Online? 

    Go to the start “start your application” section on the act welcome paper. Then click apply to your destined location of your choice.


    Work permit as known is the permission to take job within foreign country. This has helps to indicate the duties and location where the work will be done basically as the number of hours a minor may work. In most cases the child labour laws covers minors who are no longer student. Law governing minor’s hours of works and occupations can be found at the end of the application.