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Best Way to Track Your Work Permit Application to Know the Status

    Best Way to Track Your Work Permit Application to Know the Status

    There are different ways and approaches to track your work permit application. This solely depends on the type of application, how you applied and the location you applied from. To track your application to know your status you need to go through the following steps listed below.


    Tracking Your Work Permit Online

    If you applied online, you can easily sign into your online account to check the status of your application. That’s if you actually created an online account during your pervious application, “you can easily track your case by visiting the official website, then going over to the case history” to get updates on your work application and either visa documents.

    Also, you can track any immigration documents through the USCIS websites. This includes visas, green card etc.

    Steps to Track Your Work Permit Online

    Visit the official United States immigration website to track your work permit status. Access and accept all the terms and conditions before filling out the forms. Provide your name, email, receipt number and mobile number. Indicate if you want email updates or text.  

    • Applicants can search for their application using the receipt number. This is very useful for applicants who didn't enroll online. Go to the case tracker on the USCIS website.
    • Type in the full receipt number without any dashes; then click search to see your status. 
    • To find this number, check your copy of the application. The receipt is a 13 character code that was issued to you when submitting your application. The first 3 characters letters and the hast 10 are basically numerical digits. 
    • Submit an inquiry if your case has been pending for longer than 75 days. To submit an inquiry. This can also be done through the USCIS portal.
    • Click “case outside normal processing time “fill out the form with your receipt number, filling date, name, address, and other indentifying information. 
    • The time it takes to receive information on your permits depends on how busy the processing centers are. Normally, it should not take more than 75 calendar days (or 15 calendar days for a H-2A Visa). If too much time has passed submit an inquiry. 
    • Create an online account to access your application; If you submitted a work permit application online that means you already have an account. If you filled out a paper application, however, you can create an account by linking your paper application to the account. 
    • You have the full access to check the progress of your work permit through your account. This will also enable the tracking of your application.
    • Choose “work permit” from the drop down list. A notification will come up for you to log into your account. 
    • If you used a sign – in partner ID to create your account, select “sign in partner” and use that login information. If you did not use this account, click, “GL Key” to sign in. 
    • If you forgot your username or password, click “forgot your password below the sign in. 
    • Check the current processing times: for examples, if it states processing are current in 3 weeks, wait 4 weeks before submitting an inquiry. 
    • Send an inquiry if the process takes longer than current wait time. 

    Alternatively, you can sign in to your email or check your text notifications, instead of checking the website continually.


    What to do if You Have Waited Too Long

    The United States government updates processing times for immigration documents once a month. Always check the current wait time. If you have been waiting longer than these times, submit an inquiry through the contact form on the immigration and citizenship website. 

    • Contact the consulate if too much time has pass. Most countries like Spain and Germany, don’t offer any tracking services. In this case look up the average time it takes for a work visa or permit to be processed. If you haven’t received any visa in that duration of time, call their visa application center to seek redress or consulate to ask about your application. 
    • Many outstanding countries list their average processes times online for example, you can find the processing times for Norway on the UDI website.
    • Call the same department you applied for your visa through for more information. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can I call USCIS to Check my Application Status? 

    The simple answer is yes. In order to check your application status, you should ensure to call the USCIS contact centre on +1 212-620-3418. Ensure that you have a unique client’s identification or your application number ready, so they can match your application.

    How to Check Immigration Application Status? 

    Call the USCIS contact center if you’re deaf or have difficulties of hearing or have speech impairment. Call TTY 1-800-767-1833 to get the information you’ll need.  


    To track your work permit application to know the status of your application, there are different ways you can achieve this. You can either track it online through the relevant websites or portals or contact the consulate or embassy to request for the status of your application.

    If you are requesting this through call, make ready your application number, as this will be a requirement in order to match your application for a speedy resolution.